New Sienta

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IDR. 234.100.000


Toyota New Sienta

Harga Mobil Toyota New Sienta Jakarta 2018

 SIENTA 1.5 E M/T (BLACK TRIM) NSP70EM/T00       234,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 E CVT (BLACK TRIM) NSP70EA/T00       252,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 G M/T (BLACK TRIM) NSP70GM/T00       246,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 G CVT (BLACK TRIM) NSP70GA/T00       264,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 V M/T (BLACK TRIM) NSP70VM/T00       261,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 V CVT (BLACK TRIM) NSP70VA/T00       279,250,000
 SIENTA 1.5 Q CVT (BLACK TRIM) NSP70QA/T00       299,250,000
 NEW SIENTA 1.5 Q CVT (BLACK TRIM) NSP70QA/T05       300,050,000

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Salmon ( Sales Executive)




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